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Surrounded by beautiful nature where peacocks, ducks and other tame animals are often seen as dear guests, the KAS Event & Club Centre was once a stable, and today thanks to its imaginative renovation in a modern style — is a luxury complex that suits every purpose with its prestigious splendor.

Designed to fit into every unique vision of nature-inspired socializing, the KAS Event & Club Centre is a perfect backdrop for inspiring moments in the company of people who are important to you. Depending on the number of dear guests you invite, choose one of our carefully decorated venues that can in no time become an ideal destination for your dream event.

Beautifully decorated outdoor air-conditioned or heated area is surrounded by almost three hectares of green space, for your exclusive stay with your guests in a pleasant green ambience. For an unforgettable fairy-tale like wedding or memorable corporate events, it can accommodate up to 250 people on its 500 m2. Expanding the capacity outdoors in the warm months is an additional feature that ensures a flawless event under the stars!

This exclusive venue is intended for celebrations and receptions with up to 50 guests. An additional connection with nature is emphasized by a golden oval bar with a lush tree in the middle as a symbol of life. Luxurious decoration and impeccably designed details will additionally emphasize the intimacy of a smaller gathering. Our friendly staff will take care of your peace of mind and excellent service with a smile on their face.

Gourmet outdoor dinners and romantic wedding ceremonies or yoga workshops and other activities in nature will be additionally levelled up by an impeccably manicured lawn with an open view of beautiful nature. Peace and relaxation in the fairytale idyll of nature are the only option here, and don't be surprised if you hear the mooing of cute long-haired Scottish cows.

A carefully decorated room with details where nothing is left to chance is an excellent location for business meetings and smaller presentations for up to ten people. This is all you need to develop innovative business solutions with colleagues or business partners, and is also a great place if you want to impress potential clients and arrange productive cooperation.

After meetings or gatherings, in a glamorous corner for four people, you can freely comment and analyze impressions. The intimate atmosphere for private gatherings will be highlighted by precise decoration and refined furnishings and details, and in this oasis of luxury you can enjoy a good cigar and a glass of premium drink with your favorite colleagues or friends.

A room designed for the most intimate moments to remember, such as trying on a wedding dress with bridesmaids, preparing a toast or a speech before an important meeting, is equipped with everything you need to relax and prepare in peace for an important event. It is the perfect and practical place to prepare final details so that the most important day of your life or a long-awaited business presentation — go flawlessly.

Surrounded by nature, in the midst of a beautiful green park you can find our Kids Zone. Bring the children and enjoy the outdoors - they will have fun on a wonderful playground designed for children of different ages. The design of the playground fits perfectly into nature with natural materials and a soothing green color. Children will be delighted with a fantasy house and an innovative climber the size of a real horse! Everything is placed on a rubber flooring and surrounded by soft grass to keep your little ones safe at all times.