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We fully understand that planning a corporate event requires a special sense of detail. Whether you are opting for a smaller, more intimate gathering, or you want a slightly larger socializing venue, or maybe you were aiming for the “wow factor” — we'll delight you with the luxury and beauty of the open space. We offer interior design services, special inventory and fabulous atmosphere to realize any vision of your event.


For a business conference, the most important thing is to convey business messages, and believe it or not, a meeting venue can play an important role in this!
Is there enough natural daylight? Are the ceilings high enough to make a setting that can be seen from the back of the room? Is there enough room for a rear projection? Many professional organizers often forget that this can take up a third of the space in the room!
At our location you can find a venue for your business conference that will surely delight your business associates and meet all your needs.


Planning a birthday party or looking for a place to fulfill someone's birthday wish? Whether it is a person celebrating one or eighty-one years, we have a venue for your birthday party. Find a unique decor that reflects your style or fun games to keep everyone entertained. Tiny moments of joy, like blowing birthday candles with family and friends, are not only important details of a party but also the moment in which you celebrate your past life with a look into the future.


Everyone loves a good party — regardless of the cause for celebration. Maybe you want to organize an elegant engagement lunch, a surprise party for an old friend who is returning home or even brand activation to impress the many gathered industry experts... Whatever the reason for your party, at KAS you will find the best place for an event that everyone will remember!


Did you know that outdoor exercise has many health benefits over indoor exercise?
A finely manicured lawn overlooking beautiful nature is at your disposal for all kinds of activities. KAS is ideal for organizing outdoor sporting events.
Exercising provides you with a multitude of benefits for your physical and mental health, and when you exercise outside, you can multiply those benefits! KAS offers you a perfect environment to balance your and your team’s body and spirit.


We at KAS still believe in “Power to the Meetings,” the power of live events and communication between people.  
Whether you are planning a simple short cultural event like poetry reading to a select group of people or a larger gathering with famous speakers like a philosophical convention lasting a few days, KAS offers you a venue that suits all your needs.


A unique place for your workshops located in the middle of a beautiful green park, KAS is the ideal place to talk, learn and create.
As a specialized venue for events, meetings and trainings, KAS is specifically designed to provide five different venues of different sizes, combinations and purposes as a versatile facility for any event with a number of participants anywhere from 4 to 250.


Whether you want to make some fashion photos, landscape and nature photos or wedding photos or even make a movie, we offer you a vast array of amazing locations!
Our gardens will be a great location for your romantic walk and an ideal backdrop for your wedding photos. Want a lake or castle background? No problem, we can find the most beautiful site in the idyllic surroundings of KAS Event Centre!


She said yes? Now dazzle her. Say yes under the stars!

Large or small weddings, carefully thought out and impeccably organized. Your wedding day is the most special day for YOU — and you deserve to plan it with joy and without too much worrying.

We are here to make sure we deliver everything you imagine, flawlessly and with character.

In addition to the aesthetic level, we believe in sincere hospitality — in creating an experience that consists of moments where you and your loved ones are fully connected.

Congratulations — you are engaged! This means that you are one step closer to spending the rest of your life with your other half. After sharing the news and enjoying the splendor of your new status, it's time to start planning your wedding day.

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FOR your wedding we included:

  • a person dedicated to the organization
  • rental of premises
  • personalized printed menus
  • catering
  • tasting dishes from the selected menu for the newlyweds
  • welcome champagne
  • parking spaces for all guests
  • child-friendly menus and menus according to vege, halal and gluten-free standards
  • music copyright costs (ZAMP)
  • stage for musicians.

Additional you can choose:

  • on-site photoshoot
  • limousine rental
  • decoration/flowers
  • cake/pastries
  • music (band/DJ)
  • hostesses
  • fun for children
  • invitations, seating arrangements, table cards, etc.
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